About Jiva

About Jiva

My name is Jiva and I am a spiritual seeker. The name “Jiva” is the Sanskrit word for soul and has the same root as the Latin word “Vivus”, meaning “alive”. My spiritual quest has been an amazing journey with many incredible experiences, but the most significant moment of my life has been meeting the yoga master, Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa who is my inspiration on this journey.

In the ancient Vedas we find the aphorism “Athato brahma jijnasa” meaning: now is the time to enquire into the Supreme Brahman. To enquire; what is the source of I, the jiva soul, this world, nature, all the many things we see, the cause of all causes? These questions are the real, important questions that I am eager to explore.

Come with me on my journey and share my personal reflections from my study of the Vedic teachings and my enquiry into Brahman.

Best wishes