Dear Friends

I hope that you are all doing well, and that you will find my writing to be of some value. My desire is to communicate the timeless wisdom of Yoga teaching to as many people as possible, and this website is dedicated to that purpose. Yoga teaching is not a narrow confined field, but rather, it… Continue reading Dear Friends

The Way of Yoga ~ Tuning into Truth

Although yoga is most commonly thought of as being a means to attain physical fitness and health, people who are familiar with its broader scope, variously refer to yoga as being an understanding, a path, a lifestyle, a teaching, and sometimes it is simply called the ‘way’ or the natural way ~ the way of… Continue reading The Way of Yoga ~ Tuning into Truth

The Flowers of Spiritual Growth Part I

One of the nice examples of rich symbolism that can be found in Yoga teaching is the comparison of spiritual growth with the growth of plants that in their maturity produce sweet smelling flowers. Some people may think that this example is overly naïve and simplistic, but sometimes simple is the best way to go. So… Continue reading The Flowers of Spiritual Growth Part I

The Flowers of Spiritual Growth Part II

In our last article we mentioned that if we want our plant of spirituality to grow strongly, then just as in the growing of ordinary plants – we need good soil, regular watering, regular weeding and also some careful protection for our spiritual growth. Good soil can be compared to peacefulness and soft heartedness, and… Continue reading The Flowers of Spiritual Growth Part II

Loving Yourself?

In a couple of our recent meditation programs, a few people have brought up the question of ‘loving yourself’.  The basis of this increasingly common idea/fad is that if you love yourself and feel good about yourself, then you radiate this love and you become a positive force of change for the better, and everybody wins. You… Continue reading Loving Yourself?

The Endless Sunshine Of Spiritual Wisdom

It is only when we look beyond the physical benefits of yoga practice, that we can discover the real treasure that yoga wisdom promises. That treasure has been spoken about throughout the ages, and it is a treasure that is inherently ours. It is the treasure of realising our spiritual nature and our natural spiritual… Continue reading The Endless Sunshine Of Spiritual Wisdom

Ignorance Breeds Fanaticism

One of the classic misconceptions that many people have with regard to spiritual progress is that a person needs to join a group – and not just any group – it has to be the ‘right’ group.  I once had the curious experience of being told by one particularly zealous so-called ‘spiritualist’, that because I… Continue reading Ignorance Breeds Fanaticism