Dear Friends

I hope that you are all doing well, and that you will find my writing to be of some value. My desire is to communicate the timeless wisdom of Yoga teaching to as many people as possible, and this website is dedicated to that purpose. Yoga teaching is not a narrow confined field, but rather, it… Continue reading Dear Friends

Yoga ~ Harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit?

It’s widely and correctly known that the word yoga means union or harmony, but one of the great misunderstandings of yoga teaching, is that this harmony has its ultimate expression in the harmony of your body, mind and spirit. The relationship between the body and the soul is oftentimes explained in yoga teachings as being… Continue reading Yoga ~ Harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit?

The Way of Yoga ~ Tuning into Truth

Although yoga is most commonly thought of as being a means to attain physical fitness and health, people who are familiar with its broader scope, variously refer to yoga as being an understanding, a path, a lifestyle, a teaching, and sometimes it is simply called the ‘way’ or the natural way ~ the way of… Continue reading The Way of Yoga ~ Tuning into Truth